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How Teeth Whitening is Done

How Teeth Whitening is Done
At-Home Teeth Whitening - First you need to go for tray fitting where a customized impression is made of your upper and lower teeth. Then, for a few hours everyday, you need to wear these customized trays that are full of teeth whitening gel.  You need to do this for at least 3 days. The charges range from free to less than $500. In-Office Teeth Whitening - You can choose from several different proprietary teeth whitening processes.

 A teeth whitening gel is applied to your teeth, usually Zoom, and a light is focused on it for at least 1 hour or so. The gel reacts with the light and thereby whitens the teeth. Then, in another somewhat similar process, a teeth whitening gel made from diluted hydrogen-peroxide is applied to your teeth. Then a blue light, called BriteSmile, is shone on it to whiten the teeth. In another process, you can whiten your teeth up to 10 shades using power light bleaching called Rembrandt. Some dentists claim that this also helps protect against new stains, browning or yellowing of your teeth. This might cost you upwards of $500. Sometimes your teeth might become more sensitive for a couple of days following a teeth whitening procedure. Also, if your teeth have become yellow because you consume excessive colas, red wine, tea or coffee then you might notice perceptible differences in the shade of your teeth. But if you have yellow teeth due to smoking or medications, well, then the changes after your teeth whitening procedures might not be so drastic.

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