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Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening

Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening

People who undergo teeth whitening treatment are generally advised to avoid foods and drinks that stain their teeth. Over the first couple of weeks, the teeth are prone to staining and feel more sensitive. It is a good idea to avoid dark-pigmented foods such as blueberries, spinach, and dark meats. Food products which contain juices are to be avoided as well, as they get into any groves that might be left after bleaching. To avoid staining, you should abstain from drinking tea, coffee, and wine, at least the first days after treatment. Keep in mind that post-procedure, the teeth tend to absorb any color; so, it is wise to be careful for at least three or so days, until your teeth harden.

 Instead of having beef, you may go for port or chicken meat as they are lighter in color. You may love having blueberry muffins for breakfast, but they will stain your teeth. Marinades and sauces containing balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and beets should be avoided as well. If you are into Indian or Spanish food, try to stay away from them for some time.

 Dark colored soups and dark chocolates should be avoided too as they leave behind residue. Due to their acidic properties, citrus fruits discolor your teeth’s enamel. It is important to limit their consumption, particularly before going to bed. If you should have them in your diet, don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse after having them.

 Changing red wine for white wine is a good choice. You can consume clear liquids, which exclude the juice of cherries, grapes, cranberries, or cranes. Soy sauce and coke should be avoided, as well as popsicles and slushes which contain dyes. When you drink liquids, you should use a straw.

This minimizes enamel’s breakdown and reduces the amount of liquid that reaches the surface of your teeth. You can replace spinach with celery, blueberries with strawberries, and tomatoes with cucumber. Naturally, brushing your teeth is important, but the effect is greater if you stick to a proper diet. Finally, deserts, chocolates, and all kinds of sweets are sticky. They tend to attract bacteria if you do not brush your teeth after eating them. Sweets damage your teeth’s enamel and discolor your teeth as well. Drink plenty of water, take vitamins, and eat protein-rich foods that will keep your teeth in good condition. This way, they will be healthy and in less need of dental treatment.

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Amandeep Goma said...

Its really a very useful post for them who had done their teeth whitening treatment just while for a beautiful and health teeth you have to take care of your teeth.
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Gabrialla Weber said...

Regular dental check-ups clean teeth and an altogether happy mouth could be important to our health.

Gabrialla Weber said...

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Stella Wood said...

Above post is so useful.All information is given in very nice way.

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Matthew Ferguson said...

Eat food that is healthy for teeth and it will help you to make your smile beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

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jogara jumawan said...

I love having a tooth whitening and cleaning, whenever I go to my dentist she will always advice me on what to eat and not to so I am already aware into this and for the people who doesn't know about this yet, well this is the perfect article for them.

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Thomas William said...

People are asked to avoid eating dark-colored foods for a few weeks after their teeth whitening treatment. They are also asked to avoid acidic foods and drinks after teeth whitening because this type of foods and drinks can cause tooth sensitivity. People who do not know which food they should take and which not to after their teeth whitening treatment would be able to know everything in details from this post.

Winner said...

Thanks OP for providing such good information for us . I really appreciated . Now I must be more aware what food should I eat . Thanks ! Also I just got my teeth whiten at dentist in kuala lumpur

Sparklyy Whitescouk said...

After your teeth whitening treatmentyour teeth will absorb any color for about three days, until they re harden. I know, I wanted a cup of coffee so bad. Just clear liquids, I did not even eat thing like tomatoes, peaches, cherries, that had color. costs too much to ruin the smile. I even bought white toothpaste, mine was green and white, and I did not want to take a chance.

Dentistwinnipeg said...

If you want Teeth Whitening please Brushing with a special bleach mixed in toothpaste.

Sloane Summers said...

Tooth whitening at home is such a relief because I can avoid going to the dentists. I am quite scared of them, honestly speaking.

Kim said...

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john bell said...

There are so many harmful foods that are fully responsible for loss teeth and gum problem in teeth. I keep clean my teeth by follow the teeth whitening tips. In these tips so many ways available to keep your teeth clean and strong.

Xerxes kho said...

I'm planning to go to Manhattan dental clinic for My appointment, This seems so very helpful for me after My teeth whitening. Thanks for the share.

Andre Franklin said...

I have been thinking about going to get some teeth whitening done. It's good to know what kinds of food to avoid after getting them whitened. I didn't realize that most foods and drinks that are darkly colored could stain your teeth.
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Maria Louis said...

Thanks for sharing the post. Its actually important to maintain our teeth's brightness by avoiding such food. I have done teeth whitening in Kitchener and thereafter maintain the brightness to smile condfidently :)

Rcik Soordhar said...

Hi ,
Thanks for making us aware about the bad food for our teeth.
I will surely avoid those you recommend.

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Mia Hart said...

I am thinking of paying for my husband and I to get our teeth whitened and am wondering how long the results will last? I also heard that strawberries have natural whitening properties is this true, or should I steer clear of them?
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Jack said...

Thank you for sharing an informative article with us.

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Kiara Haydon said...

Yes true, avoiding food which can stain your teeth should be avoided in order to maintain white teeth.

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Mike Harrison said...

Thanks for the suggestions. It is really important to avoid such food if we want a healthy white shiny teeth.

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